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Let’s Get Started!

Hello, everybody!
Welcome to Broken Bricks.

You can know more about me, and this blog here, or simply just go to About menu on the left. And once you’ve been there, return here as I explain some more.

Flashback Fridays. It’s not a hashtag, or a lazy Instagram cult to follow. It is literally, going to be my college life, all folded neatly in one place for you to read.
Although college changes you a lot as a person too, and that is an essential part of who you turn out to be by the end of your five year tenure, but I’ll try my best to keep the posts as minimally philosophical as possible.
Now. There are a lot of technical and creative aspects of being an Architect, but more even when you’re trying to get into an Architecture School.

FF will vary from everything I learned at school, to the common perceptions & blunders that everyone has and makes, to different types of professors and architects one meets, to basic cracks and tips to get you through some really tricky situations at school.

POINTER! This is not a tutorial blog. I do not speak on the behalf of common, average population of Architecture Students.
This is me. And, this is four years of my life, and all the blood and sweat and emotions that I’ve gone through to get here.

So, I’ll see y’all this Friday the Eighth, with the basic and foremost question that people forget to ask themselves after school, and before college – How Do I Know That I’ll be Good at This?

Also, you’ve read About on the menu, by now, and know about Saturday Stints. So, SS doesn’t start until June/July this year. So instead of this, I’ll definitely try and insert some of the things I’ll be currently doing this semester, or maybe about some theories and conversations on different architectural era or their architects.
Let me know in the comments below, which one would you prefer.

Also, share this post anywhere and as much you want, so that more architectural students know of this. Show me some love, and click on the Follow button on the left.

In case, you’re curious, the feature picture is of a door in a mosque in Old Ahmedabad, during my first year trip.

a copy


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