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Flashback Friday 1: How to know if you can be an Architect?

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The first thing we’ll talk of for the first Flashback Friday, is How to Know If You Can Be an Architect?

The answer is that, you don’t. There is a very piddling chance that you’ll come across an architectural student who’s strongly affirmative that they’ve always known they wanted to be an Architect. That’s also because there’s a very piddling amount of student population who actually know what being an Architect consists of.

There’s a very scarce possibility that you will come across a student who will positively vouch, or push you to do architecture. Many will end their conversation with the statement ‘It’s all up to you, mate.’
And before dropping off that statement, the most common bombs that’ll be dropped are:
“You know, it’s not for everybody.”
“You have to be really passionate or absolutely nuts to do it.”
“You won’t be able to sleep, or party, or have a life, basically.”
“You won’t earn as much as your peers.”
“It’s not five years of grilling. This will be your entire life.”

Anybody who tells you all of this about architecture…are saying God’s honest truth. No joke. Architecture is tough. It is also very testing. It’s also not everyone’s cup of tea. After the first year, there have been people from my batch who left school, to pursue something else. Something easier, preferably. Or something that genuinely piques their interest.

So, what really do you need to be an architect? You need everything.

As a final year architecture student, I kid you not, I have myself been pushed to a point where I wanted to give up. I almost did, because it really tested my patience and it felt like my juice was literally running out of passion to survive in that world.

But, hold up. It’s not just architecture where you really need to be passionate about what you’re learning. It’s applicable to everything you choose to do. So, keeping that aside, following are things you technically need, on a very basic level, to know if you have what it takes to be an Architect.

  1. Sketching.
    When we talk about sketching, most people automatically assume we’re talking about artists. Yes, sketching can be artistic, but Architectural Sketching is very minimal. It does not always need you to make your drawing look beautiful, instead show more of detailed activity and scale in it.
    Not everybody can be an artist. True. Not everybody can sketch. False. Sketching needs patience and technicality, not a nature’s blessing on your hand.
    If you wish to learn sketching, find out about professional art classes around you. Or better yet, if you want to save money, go on to YouTube. There a million options to choose from. You can also try this channel to have a basic idea.
  2. Sense of Scale.
    There are people who are naturally gifted with artistic sketching abilities, and still can’t manage to transfer an image in front of them to paper in one scale.
    Scale is not a complex physical attribution that you have to learn, it is more about proportions. For instance, if my wall is of a height X, then my window will be of a height in factors of X, and not an abrupt dimension of Y.
  3. Basic Physics.
    Not that Commerce or Humanities students don’t pursue Architecture. They do – I have a ton in my batch itself. But it’s helpful when you’re trying to drag yourself through Structure Mechanics.
  4. Creativity.
    Most remarkable architecture across the world, over centuries, has been a result of someone’s immense creativity and madness. A little spark of it is what you’ll always need to make you stand out.

I’ll end this post by telling you that whatever scary ideas people plant in your head about architecture, are not false. But it’s also not false that once you manage to hack your schedules smartly, you’ll still have your life. And that’s for some other Friday to talk about.

Until then, in case any of you are interested, it’ll be a good call to dash through to know about what’s latest in Architecture.

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