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Flashback Friday 2: What’s a Portfolio?

Hello, everybody! Welcome back to Broken Bricks.

So, this Friday, I’m going to be talking about portfolios. If you’re or already have applied to Architecture Schools, you’re aware that some schools may or may not admit candidates on the basis of different entrance exams – in India, you’re required to clear certain entrance exams like AIEEE, NATA, etc., and some colleges have their own too. And, the colleges that do not, might ask for a portfolio.

And a lot of people don’t completely comprehend what a portfolio is. it’s literal meaning is ‘a case of loose sheets of drawings/maps’.
What is an architectural portfolio? It is exactly the same thing its definition suggests, but look at it as a Curriculum Vitae for you to gain access to your preferred college or office/firm.

A portfolio should essentially profess in very few words, everything you’re proficient at, but at the same time a couple of insertions wherein you’ve tried something new and has never been in your scopes of proficiency, even if you turn out to not have a natural talent for everything. It’s essential because it shows that you’re fairly ardent towards learning anything new.

Since, this post was exceeding limits, I’ll continue it in a second part, next week.

I’ll end this post, now, and in case anybody has any questions about a portfolio, or ideas for it, or need guidance, you can comment in the section below, and I’ll make sure to cover it in the next FF or mail me at, if it’s urgent.

P.S. the feature image is a sketch I made in second year, of a case study.

a copy


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