Hello, everyone!
I’m Akanksha, 22. Indian, Architect, Writer, Doodler.

I’m currently in my final year of Undergraduate Architecture, and entering thesis, this year. I also own a blog here, where I majorly erase my most days through fiction, or non-fiction, if I’m feeling a little ballsy.

Through the course of four years of architecture school, I’ve had more lapses in learning, than doing things right. And I learnt more through those gaffes, than I did normally. As I’ll be leaving school behind, and have another life-phase take me in its stride, I’m here to let you know everything I’ve done, learnt and been through as a student and a person through the school.

I have, on point, six months of school left. And congesting four years worth of life in a few months will give y’all a hazy picture and veritably no satisfaction to me as a writer. But, it’s also vital that I mete out the part when I get a job as an Architectural Intern. So I’ve decided to divvy it up, and there’ll be two segments. There’ll be Flashback Fridays all year round, and Saturday Stints, six months into the year when I start my internship period (Read: in case, someone is benevolent enough to bestow this opportunity on me). I’ll be talking about them more, as we progress further into the blog.

Welcome to Broken Bricks!

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